Why Us?

We Answer Questions about the Real World so you can Answer Questions about Real Assets.

Have you ever found yourself frustrated by the inability to find an answer to a seemingly simple question?

Do you find it disappointing when information that should be readily available is obscured by inconsistencies, or fragmented data, or disparate sources?

You work in the real world, so it’s a fair bet that you have, and you do.


At Stronghold we organize information,
and answer questions, about the real world:

How many times has an asset changed hands?
Who owns it now?
How much is it worth?
What will it be worth in the future?
How has an asset been segmented, or combined, over time?
Where is there currently an excess of assets and where is there a deficit?

We think in three dimensions

So we may be looking at air rights over a city, or the locations of wind turbines across America, or rock formations under the surface of the Earth. We work with geologists, GIS professionals, and loads of data providers to make simple questions have simple answers.