November 19

Written by Team


We’ve just launched this website — the very website you find yourself enjoying in this moment.

Who are we? We’re the technology organization for Stronghold Resource Partners, an asset management firm focused on investments in real world assets. We go by SRPATX, because well, you know, SRP, and we’re based in Austin. Get it? Our corporate overlords are in Dallas, so we keep in pretty close touch. But if they were to become zombies and come to eat our brains we’d have enough time to get away.

What do we do? We answer questions about real assets, mostly using the awesome power of electronic computing machines, and the even more awesome power of our massive brains. The relative power of each is a source of debate, but fortunately our electronic computing machines are poor debaters.

In moments of levity we think about the enormous, and growing, body of available data about real assets, and how we can clean, process, manipulate, and present that data in ways that make life easier for people who use it to make decisions. Sound vague? That’s either because a) we’re super-secretive data ninjas, or b) it’s a huge domain with incredible potential, and it would take dozens of blog posts to even scratch the surface of what we plan to accomplish. We’re hoping it’s the ninja thing; it sounds easier.

In the coming days, weeks, and beyond, we plan to use this site, and this blog in particular, to share what we’re thinking, interesting things we’ve learned, and probably an animated gif of a cat or two. Probably puppies as well.

Definitely puppies.